Brooke White, MS, LPC

Brooke White, MS, LPC

I graduated from Walden University May 2016 with my Master's Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. I am also licensed through the Wyoming Board of Mental Health. I have experience in many areas of focus to allow me to serve a vast array of populations.

My dedication to the field of mental health stems from my personal experience with it. I grew up with close loved ones living with mental illness and I have personally overcome some mental health challenges over the course of my lifetime, too. I know firsthand that having mental health concerns can be difficult. There is still so much stigma around having mental health issues, the process for getting help can be overwhelming, and it can feel so frustrating and lonely.

However, I also know from experience how much life can change for the better when you find support and take steps towards taking care of yourself!
I use a person-centered, holistic, multicultural, and eclectic approach in treatment, meaning I begin where you are and tailor treatment to your needs while being sensitive to how your own personal cultural identities and lifestyle choices impact your experience. I also provide faith-based and spiritual therapeutic modalities for you as well.

Together we can work on establishing goals and steps for you to help overcome your current problems. Living your best life is like preparing for a marathon, not a sprint. For the race is not given to the swift nor the strongest, but the one who can endure to the end.

Aubrianna Carrick, Social Worker

I am a certified social worker who works with a variety of clientele. I am clinically supervised by Coleen Meade, LCSW from Solutions Counseling, and Brooke White, LPC is my administrative supervisor. I specialize in children and adolescents ranging from ages 5 to 18. I have vast experience in many areas which allows me to also work with families, substance abuse, and mental health needs. I graduated from University of Wyoming in 2016 with my Bachelor's in Social Work. I am currently working on my certification through the Wyoming Board of Mental Health.

I use a gentle approach with an emphasis on building trust with my clients. I also can provide a faith-based approach if needed, and am dedicated to meeting my clients where they are.

Human connection is really important. I want to provide my clients a sense of support that they may have never had the opportunity to have experienced before. I have personal experiences as well that not only help me to relate better to my clients, but with my education and professional experience, I'm able to utilize all of these to provide the best care as possible for my clients